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Rowan Williams

Rowan Williams, an internationally renowned scholar and clergyman, was born into a Welsh-speaking family in Swansea, south Wales in 1950. He was confirmed in 2002 as the Archbishop of Canterbury, the highest office of the Church of England, and served until 2012, when he was succeeded by Justin Welby. Consummate scholar that he is, Williams has never lost his deep pastoral concern for the parishioner and their inclusion in the deepest aspects of church life.

This is beautifully reflected in his latest book with Eerdmans, Being Christian: Baptism, Bible, Eucharist, Prayer. This book is not so much an apologetic resource or a theological guide so much as a primer on what it means to live as a Christian. With both profundity and simplicity, Williams' book shows how each of these practices deals with both the messiness of real life as a human being and with the redemption which is brought to the lives of believers through the gospel.

Williams is also the author of Wrestling with AngelsWhy Study the Past?Christ on Trial, and Arius.