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Religious Life of Robert E. Lee

After serving for thirteen years as the rector of R. E. Lee Memorial Church in Lexington, Virginia, David Cox decided to learn a little more about the man for whom his parish was named. The result of his exploration is The Religious Life of Robert E. Lee, the newest addition to the Eerdmans Library of Religious Biography.

R. David Cox

Robert E. Lee remains one of the most polarizing figures from Civil War history, especially for people of faith. Delving into family letters and other primary sources—some of them newly discovered—Cox traces the lifelong development of Lee’s convictions and their influence on his decisions both to join the Confederacy and to support reconciliation after the Civil War ended. Faith was central to Lee's character, Cox argues—so central that it directed and redirected his life, especially in the aftermath of defeat.

Cox, an ordained Episcopal priest, is himself a native Virginian and still lives in Lexington. He holds degrees from the University of Virginia, Yale Divinity School, and the Graduate Theological Foundation, and he serves as a visiting professor of history at Southern Virginia University. The Religious Life of Robert E. Lee is his third book.