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Light When It Comes

Chris Anderson became a deacon for the same reason he became a poet: he wanted to access—and to share with others—the mystery behind language. Poetry and liturgy both, he says, bring us close to mystery. Liturgy is poetry acted out.

Chris Anderson

Anderson brings his poetic and ministerial sensibilities together in his new book Light When It Comes: Trusting Joy, Facing Darkness, and Seeing God in Everything. The book helps readers explore the small, fleeting moments of joy—often overlooked or forgotten—that connect us with the transcendent reality of God. Drawing on the ancient prayer tradition of the examen of conscience, Anderson spurs readers to trust in the significance of their own experiences of light, of struggle, of joy.

Chris Anderson is a poet, a Roman Catholic deacon, and a professor of English at Oregon State University. He serves as the pastoral associate at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Corvallis, where he carries out the diaconal ministry of baptizing, marrying, burying and preaching. He has written fourteen books, including works of poetry and nonfiction, and lives with his wife and dogs in a house at the edge of a 12,000-acre forest.

Learn more about Chris Anderson at his website, deaconchrisanderson.com, and watch this video about his book:

Why We Talk About The Weather from SkEye Studios on Vimeo.