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Jennifer Harvey

Jennifer Harvey has a dream. Her dream is not for us to be colorblind. Her dream is quite the opposite: for us to see the world in full, vibrant color. In her work as a writer and as a professor of religion at Drake University, Harvey advocates for a full and honest vision of race, one that acknowledges racial realities, celebrates racial identity, and redeems racial injustice.

Dear White Christians

Harvey's hopeful and prophetic new book, Dear White Christians (published Nov. 27), outlines a new paradigm for race relations and achieving racial justice. With an unflinching voice, Harvey explores the entrenched racial divisions in the Body of Christ, diagnoses the causes, and boldly calls Christians and churches not to racial reconciliation, but to earnest reparation for the sake of true justice.

Dr. Harvey is a self-described yoga fanatic with a deep interest in creating more just, compassionate social structures. When she isn't writing books, she's often contributing to the Huffington Post, the Feminist Studies in Religion blog, and her own personal blog, formations. // living at the intersection of self, social, spirit