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Alvin PLantinga

Time magazine has called him the nation's leading "orthodox Protestant philosopher of God." Alvin Plantinga is John A. O'Brien Professor of Philosophy Emeritus at the University of Notre Dame. For the past five decades, Plantinga has been a prolific and revered scholar widely known for his work in the philosophy of religion and epistemology. His works include the landmark Warrant trilogy, which examines the relationship of knowledge and belief.

Knowledge and Christian Belief

Plantinga's newest book, Knowledge and Christian Belief, continues this exploration by probing the rationality, or sensibility, of the Christian faith. Presented in brief, accessible form, this book is nevertheless a serious philosophical investigation of a fundamental question.

Alvin Plantinga is the author of several Eerdmans books, including The Analytic Theist and God, Freedom, and Evil. Along with fellow alumnus Nicholas Wolterstorff, Plantinga was a part of the "renaissance in Christian philosophy" at Calvin College, and today he lives in Calvin's hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan.