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Marilyn Chandler McEntyre

Marilyn Chandler McEntyre begins her book Caring for Words in a Culture of Lies with this observation: "Like any other life-sustaining resource, language can be depleted, polluted, contaminated, eroded, and filled with artificial stimulants. Like any other resource, it needs the protection of those who recognize its value and commit themselves to good stewardship." McEntyre has certainly made herself a prime example of this sort of stewardship. With eleven books currently in print, McEntyre wages a campaign to "reinvigorate" words "for use as bearers of truth and as instruments of love."

What's in a PhraseNaturally, and following her own advice, McEntyre is herself a very careful reader. Her forthcoming book from Eerdmans is entitled What's in a Phrase? Pausing Where Scripture Gives You Pause. It contains a series of meditations on biblical phrases that have consistently become points in the text where McEntyre stops reading and thinks of the many strands of meaning tied to each — "hidden with Christ," "speak peace," "fearfully and wonderfully made," just to name a few.

Marilyn McEntyre is professor of medical humanities at UC Davis and the UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program. Many people have been touched by her personally through her books, lectures, articles, retreats, and writing workshops.

Read a recent Lenten meditation by McEntyre on EerdWord, and visit her website at marilynmcentyre.com.