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John Barclay

Scholars agree: John Barclay has written the next big book on Paul. Barclay's much-anticipated Paul and the Gift has been praised by numerous leading Pauline scholars — Douglas Campbell, Francis Watson, and Simon Gathercole, to name a few — as a remarkable, groundbreaking accomplishment, sure to reframe the scholarly conversation on Paul for years to come.

Paul and the Gift

Barclay is a well-established Pauline scholar. Since 2003 he has been Lightfoot Professor of Divinity at Durham University, where his work has focused on Paul's writings and early Judaism. His new book Paul and the Gift is the culmination of years spent analyzing the concepts of grace surrounding Paul in both his Greco-Roman and Jewish contexts. The book argues that for Paul, the Christ-gift is incongruous (and not precisely unconditional, as many have described it); it is given regardless of worth, and as such offers liberation from prevailing cultural systems of value.

Barclay has authored several previous books, including Pauline Churches and Diaspora Jews. When he is not teaching, researching, or supervising student research, he enjoys spending time with his family, cycling, and music. Two sabbaticals spent in New Zealand have enhanced his love for rugby and made him a fan of the legendary New Zealand All Blacks.