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Justo GonzalezWho better to write about the most prolific New Testament author than Justo González, a theologian and historian prolific in his own right? In The Story Luke Tells, González, the author of more than 100 books himself, examines the Luke-Acts narrative — which, perhaps to the surprise of many, is more extensive than all of Paul's writing combined.

The Story Luke Tells

In his own extensive writing, González has established himself as a leading thinker and historian of the Christian church. He has published not one but two masterpieces of Christian history — The Story of Christianity and History of Christian Thought — and has been an instrumental figure in the development of Latino theology. He is the founding editor of Apuntes, a journal of Latino theology, founding President of AETH (Asociación para la Educación Teológica Hispana), founding director of the Hispanic Summer Program in Theology, and the first Executive Director of the Hispanic Theological Initiative.

In The Story Luke Tells, González employs all his scholarly acumen, but with an inviting voice, to share afresh the powerful themes in Luke's writing. Sifting through recent scholarship, he explores Luke's emphasis on "great reversals," shared meals, the inclusion of women, and the power of Jesus to save. He also confronts the unfinished nature of Luke's story — surprising for a historian of such precision — explaining it as a very intentional way of inviting his readers into the powerful story he is telling.