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Jack Mulder Jr.

As a Roman Catholic professor at a Protestant denominational college, Jack Mulder Jr. is used to questions: What do Catholics think about this? Why do Catholics believe that? What does the Catholic Church actually teach about Mary and saints? Purgatory? The pope? Celibacy? Marriage? Contraception?

What Does It Mean to Be Catholic

Before these questions came from students, Mulder had long asked them himself. Like those he now teaches, he himself was once an inquiring Protestant student, curious about Catholics. He, too, wanted to know, what does it mean to be Catholic?

Mulder’s new book shares the answers he found. In What Does It Mean to Be Catholic? Mulder offers an accessible and candid exploration of the central beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church. Intended not to persuade or proselytize, but simply to inform, this book outlines Catholic teaching on the church’s history and authority, the place of Mary and the saints, the doctrine of Purgatory, and Catholic sexual ethics, among many other topics.

Jack Mulder Jr. is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Hope College, where he has taught since 2004. He is the author of several publications on Kierkegaard in addition to his writings on Catholic doctrine and philosophy.