William B. Eerdmans Jr. (Bill) is president of the Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. He took over the position from his father, William B. Eerdmans Sr., in 1963 and has successfully led the company for the past 50 years. Now in his ninth decade, he continues to play an active leadership role in Eerdmans’ day-to-day operations and can often be spotted around the building sporting his trademark friendly smile and red socks.

Claire VanderKam is vice president and treasurer of Eerdmans. Claire joined Eerdmans in 1970; he started work in the mailroom before being promoted to customer service. He moved up through billing (where he worked with one of Eerdmans's very first computers) into accounting. He now oversees all of the company's corporate business functions, including accounting and finance. He is also a member of the board of Alban Books Ltd. a distribution, sales, marketing, and customer service facility in Edinburgh, Scotland, jointly owned by Eerdmans and three other U.S. book publishers. 


Jon Pott is vice president and editor in chief at Eerdmans. A pastor's son, he grew up around theological books, later graduating from Calvin College with majors in philosophy and English. He joined Eerdmans in 1968, where he never expected to stay but somehow remains after 45 years. "Terminal inertia," he says. As an editor, he loves discussing interesting projects with prospective authors. His nonprofessional interests include tennis, fishing with his grandchildren, and classical music. A CD junkie and audiophile, he spends many happy hours moving his stereo speakers a millimeter to the left or to the right, convinced that he can hear the difference. 

Anita Eerdmans is vice president of marketing at Eerdmans, and she also oversees the children's imprint, Eerdmans Books for Young Readers. She has been surrounded by theology and biblical studies books since her toddler years, when her father was working on his dissertation on Paul's use of participles. She travels to many conventions each year, where she enjoys meeting the actual buyers of Eerdmans books. She is a sucker for a funny children's book and is especially fond of quirky European ones. Anita has partnered with her husband, Bill Eerdmans Jr., for much of her career.  

Klaas Wolterstorff is vice president of content and technology. Klaas joined Eerdmans as an editorial assistant in 1984, soon becoming a full-fledged member of the editorial staff. His interest in new technologies and production processes led him to begin typesetting and designing the books he was assigned to edit, and by 1988, he was promoted to production manager, a position he went on to hold for twenty-four years. During that time, Klaas’s role gradually expanded until he not only managed the layout, design, and production of every one of the approximately 120 adult titles Eerdmans publishes each year but also unofficially functioned as information technologies director and network administrator. Now, as Eerdmans’s newest vice president, Klaas supervises the production department, handles information technology, and is actively leading the company’s ongoing transition to ebooks and other innovative forms of content distribution in the digital age. When he gets the chance, Klaas enjoys fly fishing in Wyoming.