Recent Awards and Honors
Paul and the Language of Faith

By Nijay K. Gupta

•  2020 Outreach Resource of the Year:  
    Theology & Biblical Studies


Gospel Witness

By David M. Gustafson

•  2020 Outreach Recommended Resource:  
    Evangelism & Discipleship



By Craig S. Keener

•  2020 Christianity Today Book Award:  
    Winner in Biblical Studies


One Soul at a Time

By Grant Wacker

•  2020 Christianity Today Book Award:  
    Award of Merit in History/Biography


Seeing God

By Hans Boersma

•  2019 Christianity Today Book Award:  
    Winner for Theology/Ethics


Christian Hospitality and Muslim Immigration in an Age of Fear

By Matthew Kaemingk
Foreword by James K. A. Smith

•  2019 Christianity Today Book Award of Merit in Politics and Public Life


Dignity and Destiny

By Stephen J. Chester

•  2018 Christianity Today Book of the Year Award Winner: Biblical Studies


Dignity and Destiny

By Kelley Nikondeha

•  2018 Christianity Today Book Award of Merit in Christian Living/Discipleship


Just Immigration

By Mark R. Amstutz

•  2018 Christianity Today Book Award Winner: Politics and Public Life


The Crucifixion

By Fleming Rutledge

•  2017 Christianity Today Book Award:  
    Book of the Year


Dignity and Destiny

By Michael J. Gorman

•  Missio Alliance Top 10 Books of 2015


Dignity and Destiny

By Nancy Koester

•  Minnesota Book Award for Nonfiction


Way Below the Angels

By Craig Harline

•   INDIEFAB Book of the Year for Religion
•   Juvenile Instructor — Best 2014 Personal
•  Publishers Weekly Starred Review

Jesus Research

James H. Charlesworth, editor, with Brian Rhea and Petr Pokorný

•  2015 Biblical Archaeology Society Publication Award for Best Book Relating to the New Testament


How (Not) to Be Secular

By James K. A. Smith

•  2015 Christianity Today Book Awards -
    Winner in Christianity and Culture


The Gospel of the Lord

By Michael F. Bird

•  2015 Christianity Today Book Awards -
   Winner in Biblical Studies


What's in a Phrase?

By Marilyn Chandler McEntyre

•  2015 Christianity Today Book Awards -
    Winner in Spirituality

Being Christian

By Rowan Williams

•   Publisher's Weekly Starred Review

Shaping the Prayers of the People

By Samuel Wells & Abigail Kocher

•  Worship Leader 2014 Editor's Pick

The Letter to the Romans

Ian Christopher Levy, Philip Krey, Thomas F. Ryan — translators and editors

•   2014 Catholic Press Book Award —
    1st place in Scripture – Academic Studies

The Catholicity of Reason

By D.C. Schindler

•  2014 Catholic Press Book Award —
    2nd place in Theology

Thomas Aquinas and Karl Barth

Bruce L. McCormack & Thomas Joseph White, O.P. — editors

•  2014 Catholic Press Book Award —
    2nd place in History

Francis: A New World Pope

By Michel Cool

•  2014 Catholic Press Book Award —
    2nd place in Papal Transition

David Remembered

By Joseph Blenkinsopp

•  2014 Catholic Press Book Award —
    3rd place in Scripture – Academic Studies

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