Do you use freelance editors? If so, how can I get on the list?

Unlike many publishers, we meet most of our editorial and proofreading needs in-house. When we do need to use freelance editorial help, we turn to a list of people who have worked for us for some time. Only rarely do we need to add someone new to the list.

We would, however, be glad to see your resume. You may send it to our regular address:

Attn: Editorial Department
Eerdmans Publishing Co.
2140 Oak Industrial Dr. NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49505
I would like to work for Eerdmans Publishing. Are you hiring?

Yes, we are! This position is currently open:


The promotions assistant at Eerdmans Publishing reports to the promotions manager and works in cooperation with members of the marketing-sales department. This is a part-time, in-house position. Job duties:
  • Assemble and update Advance Title Information sheets (ATIs) for new books
  • Produce book flyers for authors and conferences
  • Manage catalog mailings — output requisite lists from in-house computer system and work with outside mailing service
  • Update Eerdmans catalog mailing lists as needed
  • Process seasonal in-house (mostly reviewer) mailings, labeling and sorting per USPS requirements
  • Send out e-catalogs per requests received
  • Archive print catalogs and save all catalog entries in marketing book e-folders
  • Maintain catalog inventory records
  • Assist with miscellaneous clerical tasks

REQUIRED: computer literacy, attention to detail, general accuracy, organizational skill, ability to work both individually and collaboratively, willingness to learn.

DESIRABLE: biblical-theological literacy, eye for design, proofreading proficiency, interest in the world of book publishing.

PART-TIME position — 20 hours per week. Training provided on the job. Contact Joel Niewenhuis, promotions manager, at jniewen@eerdmans.com. Application deadline: Friday 25 April 2014.