Do you use freelance editors? If so, how can I get on the list?

Unlike many publishers, we meet most of our editorial and proofreading needs in-house. When we do need to use freelance editorial help, we turn to a list of people who have worked for us for some time. Only rarely do we need to add someone new to the list.

We would, however, be glad to see your resume. You may send it to our regular address:

Attn: Editorial Department
Eerdmans Publishing Co.
2140 Oak Industrial Dr. NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49505
I would like to work for Eerdmans Publishing. Are you hiring?

Yes! We are hiring an Editor in Chief:

Position Description:
We are seeking a creative, visionary Editor in Chief to oversee the Eerdmans adult editorial program. This directly involves the long-range planning of the program and acquisitions for the program. The position is also indirectly responsible for the editorial preparation of projects selected for the program, the supervision of the editorial staff, and the coordination of editorial work with the work of the other departments in the company. The position is full time and on-site, and it reports to the president and the publisher.

Relevant Work Experience:
10+ years

B.A., preferably also with an advanced degree or substantial study in an area of special interest to the Eerdmans program, especially theology or biblical studies.

Responsibilities of the Position:
• Planning, with the Publisher, the editorial program of the company.
• Directly acquiring projects for the publishing program.
• Overseeing the acquisition of other projects for the program.
• Being ultimately responsible for the management of the editorial staff.
• Approving all contracts arising out of editorial acquisition.
• Ensuring the timely and proper development and scheduling of projects accepted for the program.
• Overseeing the editorial budget.
• Advising on project design, including format, interior design, and cover design.
• Ensuring, directly or indirectly, the coordination of the work of the editorial department with the work of other departments.

• Extensive knowledge of the book-publishing industry, especially religious book publishing.
• Broad knowledge of the global religious landscape and specialist knowledge in at least one of the key areas in which Eerdmans publishes.
• Ability to relate well to authors and colleagues and to communicate effectively with them.
• Good organizational skills.
• Broad familiarity with technological issues in publishing.
• Ability to travel.

Commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Health, dental, 401k.

To Apply:
Send cover letter and resume to employment@eerdmans.com with subject line "Editor in Chief." No telephone calls.