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Holy Days
Meditations on the Feasts, Fasts, and Other Solemnities of the Church
PAPERBACK; Published: 11/18/2012
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6518-2
94 Pages
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According to Pope Benedict XVI, "the liturgical year is a great voyage of faith on which the Church sets us out." The feast days in the Church's liturgical calendar follow the major events of Jesus' life as recounted in the Gospels. This cycle gives a rhythm to the life of the Church and helps Christians better understand the divine mystery. Especially in our secularized society, liturgical practices guide and deepen our path, centering our focus on Christ and teaching us how to live.

Beginning with Advent and concluding with the feast of Christ the King, Pope Benedict's Holy Days presents excerpts from selected homilies that he has given over the course of the liturgical year in Rome. The book is organized by season and feast days, with brief introductions. This short devotional volume will be a welcome resource for priests and parishioners seeking to focus their minds in preparation for worship.

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"The book invites us to take a journey through the special days of the liturgical year with the author, beginning with Advent and ending with the feast of Christ the King. He explains in clear language what the holy days and feasts we celebrate really mean."
Spirit & Life
"Provides a good guide to the liturgical year as well as to the Pope as a teacher."