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God's Saving Grace
A Pauline Theology
PAPERBACK; Published: 11/17/2012
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6747-6
283 Pages
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Distinguished biblical scholar Frank Matera here views the theology of the Pauline letters through the lens of the saving grace that Paul experienced at his call and conversion. Focusing on Christology, soteriology, theology, anthropology, ecclesiology, ethics, and eschatology, Matera explores both the unity and the diversity of the thirteen Pauline letters.

Written in a clear and coherent style, God's Saving Grace presents students, professors, and pastors with a comprehensive yet concise and accessible overview of the theology found in the entire corpus of Paul's letters.
John P. Meier
— University of Notre Dame
"Throughout my years of teaching, I have learned to look to Frank Matera as a sure guide to the thought of Paul. His commentaries on Paul's various epistles are sterling examples of profound thought expressed with clarity and simplicity. This new distillation of Matera's thought on Paul is to be welcomed by all teachers of the New Testament."
Marion L. Soards
— Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary
"Clarity of thought and expression distinguishes this fresh (and refreshing) contribution to the study of Pauline theology. Matera sets for himself the bold task of explaining how the thirteen different Pauline letters are related to and cohere with one another theologically. . . . This volume is a must for all who are interested in Pauline theology."
Michael J. Gorman
— St. Mary's Seminary
"For some time now we have needed a contemporary Pauline theology that considers all thirteen letters without overlooking the differences among them. Frank Matera has given us just such a book. It embodies the solid, careful, yet creative scholarship for which he is known. Most importantly, Matera rightly stresses the grace of God in Christ that grabbed hold of Paul and shaped both his life and his theology. This book will enrich our understanding of that amazing grace."
Paul J. Achtemeier
— Union Presbyterian Seminary
"Written with his usual clarity of organization and thought, Matera here presents a treatment of Pauline theology based on the Pauline material in the New Testament, not a theology of the historic Paul as best as we can recover it. . . . The volume represents a solid discussion of the Pauline theology upon which the church has drawn since its inception. The book is worth a careful reading."
A. Andrew Das
— Elmhurst College
"Frank Matera's God's Saving Grace is the much-anticipated culmination of a lifetime of work. . . . Students will reap rewards from the comprehensive, yet manageable overview of the coherent message of the letters. Instructors will appreciate the confident, diplomatic course Matera steers through knotty issues. The result is simply elegant."
Theological Book Review
"An in-depth and interesting presentation of the theology found within the books associated to Paul. . . . Matera does not fail to raise and address a range of challenges that crop up when attempting a Pauline theology. A great resource."