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Explorations in Ecclesiology & Ethnography
PAPERBACK; Published: 11/16/2012
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6864-0
188 Pages
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Series: Studies in Ecclesiology and Ethnography

In Explorations in Ecclesiology and Ethnography Christian Scharen and several other contributors explore empirical and theological understandings of the church. Like the first volume in the Studies in Ecclesiology and Ethnography series, this second volume seeks to bridge the great divide between theological research and ethnography (qualitative research).

The book's wide-ranging chapters cover such fascinating topics as geographic habits of American evangelicals, debates over difficult issues like homosexuality, and responses to social problems like drug abuse and homelessness. The contributors together model a collaborative, cross-disciplinary approach, with fruitful results that will set a new standard for ecclesiological research.

Christopher Brittain
Helen Cameron
Henk De Roest
Paul Fiddes
Matthew Guest
Roger Haight
Harald Hegstad
Mark Mulder
Paul Murray
James Nieman
Christian B. Scharen
James K. A. Smith
John Swinton
Pete Ward
Clare Watkins
Anglican Theological Review
"Innovative and insightful. . . . This volume is a must-read for any graduate student interested in qualitative research methods, as well as for theologians, church historians, philosophers of religion, social scientists, and all who are interested in the intersection between ecclesiological studies and the ethnographic research on topics that are germane to church, congregational studies, and society."