The Dog That Nino Didn't Have
Written by Edward Van De Vendel and Anton Van Hertbruggen
Animal Beauty
Written by Kristin Roskifte
Fur, Fins, and Feathers
Written by Cassandre Maxwell
Animal Supermarket
Written by Simona Mulazzani and Giovanna Zoboli
Mikis and the Donkey
Written by Bibi Dumon Tak and Philip Hopman
Two Little Birds
Written by Mary Newell Depalma
Soldier Bear
Written by Bibi Dumon Tak and Philip Hopman
I Wish I Had...
Written by Simona Mulazzani and Giovanna Zoboli

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Jonathan Bentley grew up in England, where he dreamed of becoming, as they say there, a "footballer." When he realized, still at a young age, that Leeds United might not take him on, he transferred his efforts and his dreams to drawing. It was a good call.

After studying at Brighton Polytechnic, his work in illustration took him to London and then halfway around the world (quite literally) to Australia. He now lives in Brisbane and works as the editorial illustrator for the Courier-Mail newspaper.

He also illustrates books — lots of them. Bentley has illustrated more than 20 books, and with his new book, Little Big, he's now made a foray into authorship as well. Little Big is a playful book that brings to life Bentley's own memories of being little and looking up with awe (and maybe a little envy) at a big brother. It captures just how difficult life can be when you're little — but also how, sometimes, little is just the right size.



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