The Right Word
Written by Jen Bryant and Melissa Sweet
Anna's Heaven
Written by Stian Hole
Written by Helen Cann and Lee Bennett Hopkins
The Geese March in Step
Written by Jean-Francois Dumont
A Less Than Perfect Peace
Written by Jacqueline Levering Sullivan
A Pond Full of Ink
Written by Sieb Posthuma and Annie M.G. Schmidt
The War within These Walls
Written by Aline Sax and Caryl Strzelecki
Friends of Liberty
Written by Beatrice Gormley

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Bimba Landmann

Bimba Landmann set her course as an artist and illustrator at the age of ten. On a field trip to a museum, she came face to face with illuminated manuscripts for the first time. She was awestruck. When she announced to her teacher that she would do the same kind of work, the teacher told her, "That sort of work doesn't exist anymore." Fortunately, Landmann ignored her.

Landmann continued to fill notebooks with colors and images "from her inner world," and she has been a professional illustrator since 1988. Her books, including In Search of the Little Prince (published Nov. 1) and Just for Today (coming April 27, 2015), have been translated into more than twenty languages. She has also exhibited her drawings at museums and galleries across the world.

In Landmann's imaginative and meditative drawings, one quickly sees the influence of the medieval illuminators, but one also sees a talent that transcends a single genre. From the Byzantine style of Clare and Francis to the eccentric, near-Cubist mixed media creations of I am Marc Chagall, Landmann shows herself a versatile and sensitive artist, one whose "inner world" brings the whole outer world to life for the children who read her works.

  Just for TodayIn Search of the Little PrinceI Am Marc ChagallClare and Francis



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