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In addition to his books, Dr. Fea has regularly published articles in academic periodicals and popular news outlets, including the Washington Post, Religion News Service, Christianity Today, Fox News, Sojourners, Al Jazeera America, USA Today, Inside Higher Ed, CBS News, and the New York Daily News.

When not writing, Fea pursues a demanding lecture schedule. He routinely speaks at churches and historical organizations across the country and has compiled an impressive list of lectures given at such places as the University of Chicago, Penn State University, Southern Methodist University, Columbia University, Georgetown University, Duke University, Grove City College, University of Minnesota, Gordon College, Seton Hall University, Liberty University, Syracuse University, Notre Dame University, Trinity International University, and Boston Trinity School.

Dr. Fea is active on Twitter at @johnfea1 and blogs regularly at thewayofimprovement.com. Born and raised in New Jersey, he now lives in central Pennsylvania with his family, including his wife and two daughters.