Elton J. Bruins

Elton J. Bruins is the Founding Director and Philip Phelps Jr. Research Professor, Emeritus, at the A. C. Van Raalte Institute (1994û2002), the Blekkink Professor Emeritus of Religion (1966û92), and was Dean for Arts and Humanities (1984û89) at Hope College. His studies of the life and work of Van Raalte, the American Dutch heritage, and the Reformed Church in America, have resulted in numerous publications, including Albertus C. Van Raalte: Dutch Leader and American Patriot (Hope College, 1996), with Jeanne M. Jacobson and Larry J. Wagenaar. His scholarly compilation of materials related to the history of Van Raalte and the Holland Colony is the largest such collection in the United States and the Netherlands.

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