David I. Smith

David I. Smith

David I. Smith is director of the Kuyers Institute for Christian Teaching and Learning and professor of education at Calvin University, Grand Rapids, Michigan, and he serves as editor of the International Journal of Christianity and Education. His books include On Christian Teaching, Teaching and Christian Practices (with James K. A. Smith) and Teaching and Christian Imagination (with Susan Felch). Visit him online at onchristianteaching.com .

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By Steven C. Mcmullen, Kara Sevensma, David I. Smith, Marjorie Terpstra
Paperback, Published 2020
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7703-1
By Barbara Carvill, David I. Smith
POD, Published 2000
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By David I. Smith
POD, Published 2009
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By David I. Smith
Paperback, Published 2018
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By Susan M. Felch, David I. Smith
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By David I. Smith, James K. A. Smith
Paperback, Published 2011
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