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Permission is required for uses of Eerdmans material that do not fall under the Fair Use guidelines. Such uses include, but are not limited to, making photocopies, inclusion on password-secured websites, and excerpting sections for republication in other works.
Fees for permissions are determined by a number of criteria, including amount of material, how the material will be distributed, and if the usage is commercial or noncommercial. Fees are established to fairly compensate our authors for the use of their copyrighted material.

To request permission please fill in the following form. All lines marked with an asterisk are required information. Please note that the more information you provide the better able we will be to answer your request quickly and correctly.

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Information on Usage

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How long will I wait for a response? Due to the number of permissions requests we receive, we will need up to six weeks to respond to an inquiry, though some simple requests may be answered the week they are submitted. Additionally, a few requests are difficult to respond to because they require that we check with a third party.

Does Eerdmans allow churches to photocopy material for use in Bible studies or classes? Yes, churches in the United States of America may make photocopies of Eerdmans material without asking permission provided the following stipulations are followed:

  1. Churches and small groups in the United States of America may photocopy up to five pages of a book for study use without asking permission for up to twenty copies. If more copies are to be made, permission must be requested through the form above.
  2. Groups taking advantage of this policy must include a source citation on each photocopy; if the book is in print and available for purchase, this citation must include Eerdmans' website,
  3. Religious educational institutions and not-for-profit organizations affiliated with churches must ask permission to make photocopies using the form above.
  4. Churches outside the United States of America must request permission using the form above.