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Not Ashamed of the Gospel

Sermons from Paul's Letter to the Romans

by Fleming Rutledge

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ISBN: 9780802827371

Page Count: 421

Publication Date: 8/13/2007

Trim Size: 6 x 9

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In this inspiring collection of fifty-one sermons on Romans, Fleming Rutledge presents afresh the radical gospel of Paul. Countering the widespread suspicion that Paul somehow complicated Jesus' simple teachings, Rutledge shows how Paul actually makes explicit what is implicit in the Gospel narratives and reveals "the full dimensions of God's project to reclaim the cosmos and everything in it for himself."

With her stirring words and joyful delving into Romans passages, Rutledge leads readers to refocus their eyes and ears on Paul's valuable teachings. She unpacks major ideas and motifs in the epistle, including the cross and resurrection of Christ as the first event of the age to come, faith as the human response ignited by the fire of the Word and the Holy Spirit, and God's work of salvation as all-encompassing and incomparable. Her Not Ashamed of the Gospel will be a help to preachers and an encouragement to listeners.

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Expository Times
"I would recommend this to all preachers as brilliantly applied homiletics. . . It presents the gospel challenges of Romans with force and brilliance. "
William H. Willimon
— Bishop, United Methodist Church
"Fleming Rutledge calls Romans 'theological dynamite.' When you hear or read these sermons, you know that she is ready to light the fuse! Here is unabashed orthodox theology boldly preached with enthusiasm, flashes of brilliance, and engaging wit. Although she is the most elegant and eloquent of contemporary preachers, Rutledge is a bomb thrower. The 'bomb' that she tosses is the gospel of Jesus Christ and the explosion that she provokes is a fresh hearing of gospel truth. A remarkable book of sermons from the most remarkable of today's preachers."
Beverly Roberts Gaventa
— Princeton Theological Seminary
"Steeped in deep engagement with Scripture and her own shrewd insights into human life, Fleming Rutledge opens up the radical claims of Romans about the power of sin and death and the even greater power of God's grace in ways that are both timeless and timely. The many pastors who routinely avoid or agonize over preaching from Pauline texts will welcome the arrival of Rutledge's Not Ashamed of the Gospel."
John Barclay
— Durham University
"In an age when Paul's radical gospel is hardly known, Fleming Rutledge has performed a huge service to the church, both preachers and laypeople. Her lively sermons on Romans face our contemporary crises head-on but draw their strength and verve from the truth that captivated Paul: God's searing mercy has taken a grip on this world, in Christ crucified and raised, and will not be defeated by Sin, Death, or even unbelief. I can think of no better antidote to the 'self-help' religiosity that currently debilitates the Christian church."
John E. Phelan Jr.
— North Park Theological Seminary
"Her new collection of sermons, Not Ashamed of the Gospel, is elegant, literary, and theologically rich. She manages to write sermons that are timeless yet very much rooted in contemporary challenges and opportunities. Her fellow preachers will find this volume invaluable."
Charles B. Cousar
— Columbia Theological Seminary
"Preaching on Pauline texts is a tough assignment for any minister. It is always easier to work through a Gospel narrative. Fleming Rutledge has not only tackled Paul; she has tackled Romans! Her book of sermons on Romans faces the theological issues of the letter head-on and provides a marvelous model for ministers who have heretofore shied away from the Apostle. Rutledge writes with clarity and grace and highlights the contemporary relevance of the letter. Her book should be on the shelf of every minister who seeks to interpret Paul for today."
David J. Lose
— Luther Seminary
"At once both a sensitive plumbing of human existence and a bold confession of the Christian faith, Fleming Rutledge's sermons are as winsome as they are penetrating, as timeless as they are timely. This volume will quickly earn a place on every preacher's bookshelf beside the commentaries of Luther and Barth on Paul's letter to the Romans."
A. Katherine Grieb
— Virginia Theological Seminary
"Fleming Rutledge has done it again! Those who know her previous collections of sermons will be delighted once more with the evangelical fervor and thoughtful exegesis that characterize her work. But prepare to be surprised as well: like God's own mercies, Paul's gospel in Romans is fresh and new every morning. Thought nothing new could be said about Romans after all these years? These sermons witness to the inexhaustible power of God's Word as well as its importance to the deepest places of pain and suffering in our lives. You'll want this book to energize your own preaching and teaching of Romans as well as to deepen your own spiritual reading. Don't miss this one!"
Christian Century
"Rutledge's sermons are clear and memorable, deftly negotiating the paradoxes in Paul's message, never in mere black and white but articulating the nuances of a gospel too marvelous to be simplistic."

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