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The Lamb of God

by Boris Jakim , Sergius Bulgakov

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ISBN: 9780802827791

Page Count: 472

Publication Date: 1/2/2008

Trim Size: 6.25 x 9.25

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Translated by Boris Jakim

What is our participation in the divine humanity? In explaining this important doctrine, Sergius Bulgakov begins by surveying the field of Christology with special reference to the divine humanity. He considers the role of the Divine Sophia, examines the foundations of the Incarnation, explores the nature of Christ's divine consciousness, and ponders Christ's ministries while on earth. A profound discussion of Christ's kenosis as a model for humanity rounds out this comprehensive and valuable study.

The Lamb of God is one of the greatest works of Christology in the twentieth century and a crowning achievement in the examination of the theology of divine humanity.

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David Bentley Hart
— author of The Beauty of the Infinite
"This book is quite simply the most remarkable and impressive work of Christology produced in the twentieth century, and its appearance in English is long overdue. In Bulgakov's vision of Divine-Humanity, the inner coherence of the doctrines of Incarnation and of the transformation of human beings in Christ becomes startlingly visible, in a way both deeply grounded in patristic tradition and profoundly original."
John Chryssavgis
— editor of Cosmic Grace, Humble Prayer
"The mystery of the christological doctrine inevitably involves traversing waters that are difficult to chart. Yet few people could ever perceive dimensions or discern connections in classic theological formulations as Fr. Sergius Bulgakov did. His creative and imaginative vision — despite philosophical controversy or ecclesiastical suspicion — was well before and beyond his time. In The Lamb of God Bulgakov develops his unique intellectual argument with the subtle, sacred, and humble art of a skilled iconographer."
Paul Valliere
— Butler University
"The Lamb of God is the first volume of Bulgakov's trilogy On Divine-Humanity, the most ambitious and intellectually generous work of Orthodox dogmatic theology in modern times. The theme of this volume is the incarnation and kenosis (self-emptying) of the Word, which Bulgakov explicates from a vast ecclesial and cosmic perspective. But the pleasures of reading Bulgakov are more than intellectual. On page after page the reader can sense the passion and piety of a Christian who is awestruck at the miracle of the Gospel. . . Something else to marvel at here is the achievement of the translator, Boris Jakim, who with this book completes his gift of Bulgakov's dogmatic theology to the English-speaking world. Jakim's devotion to his craft and the degree of difficulty of the works he has dispatched are unsurpassed in the annals of scholarly translation in any discipline."

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