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The Seven Last Words from the Cross

by Fleming Rutledge

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ISBN: 9780802827869

Page Count: 91

Publication Date: 11/22/2004

Trim Size: 5.25 x 7.50

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For at least a century, at special three-hour services on Good Friday, it has been the custom in many churches to reflect on the Seven Last Words of Jesus from the Cross. In this tradition, Fleming Rutledge here presents seven eloquent meditations on these final sayings of Jesus.

Rutledge links the sayings from the cross with contemporary events and concerns, but also incorporates recent biblical scholarship and modern questions about the death of Christ, particularly in light of Mel Gibson's film The Passion of the Christ. Rutledge shows how each word or saying from the Cross affords an opportunity for readers to gain a deeper understanding of the horrific death suffered by Jesus.

Intending for this book to lead readers into a genuine devotional experience, Rutledge has made every effort to evoke and preserve the contemplative atmosphere of the three-hour Good Friday memorial. The book includes frequent references to hymns associated with this special day, and each meditation ends with an appropriate hymn text for personal prayer and reflection.

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Richard Lischer
"Fleming Rutledge brings a profound knowledge of the atoning work of Christ to bear on a series of meditations for God's people. The result is a treasury of wisdom on the cross of Christ. I will continue to read this little book."
Kenneth Leech
"The proclamation of the cross is central to Christian faith just as devotion to and solidarity with the cross are central to Christian spirituality. Fleming Rutledge contributes immensely to both faith and spirituality in this profound and moving book. I hope that it will help many to deepen their commitment as companions of Christ crucified."
Publishers Weekly
"Rutledge explores faith and suffering, interspersing timeless questions with contemporary issues. . . Her enthralling forays into the meanings of words both ordinary and theological is a boon to anyone who, like her, finds layers of hidden meaning in etymology. She is also a careful interpreter of scripture who is keen to place the New Testament in its historical context and alive to details others might miss."

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