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Thinking in Tongues

Pentecostal Contributions to Christian Philosophy

by James K. A. Smith

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ISBN: 9780802861849

Page Count: 181

Publication Date: 6/28/2010

Trim Size: 6 x 9

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Series: Pentecostal Manifestos (PM)

In this inaugural volume of the groundbreaking, cutting-edge Pentecostal Manifestos series, James K. A. Smith offers considered advice to pentecostal philosophers and, even more, pertinent pentecostal advice to Christian philosophers.

Maintaining that implicit in pentecostal and charismatic spirituality is a tacit worldview or "social imaginary," Smith unpacks and articulates the key elements of this pentecostal worldview and then explores their implications for philosophical reflection on ontology, epistemology, aesthetics, language, science, and philosophy of religion. In each case, Smith demonstrates how the wisdom of pentecostal spirituality makes unique contributions to current conversations in Christian philosophy.

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C. Stephen Evans
— Baylor University
"Thinking in Tongues provides both philosophical thinking about Pentecostalism and philosophical thought from a Pentecostal perspective. In both cases the thinking is vintage Jamie Smith: clear, original, and provocative. Non-Pentecostals can be grateful for this analysis of the philosophical importance of this increasingly important strand of Christian thought."

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