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Icons and the Name of God

by Boris Jakim , Sergius Bulgakov

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ISBN: 9780802866646

Page Count: 192

Publication Date: 2/27/2012

Trim Size: 6 x 9

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Translated by Boris Jakim

In Orthodox theology both the icon and the name of God transmit divine energies, theophanies, or revelations that imprint God's image within us. In Icons and the Name of God renowned Orthodox theologian Sergius Bulgakov explains the theology behind the Orthodox veneration of icons and the glorification of the name of God. In the process Bulgakov covers two major controversies -- the iconoclastic controversy (sixth to eighth centuries) and the "Name of God" controversy (early twentieth century) -- and explains his belief that an icon stops being merely a religious painting and becomes sacred when it is named. This translation of two essays "The Icon and Its Veneration" and "The Name of God" -- available in English for the first time -- makes Bulgakov's rich thinking on these key theological concepts available to a wider audience than ever before.

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Aristotle Papanikolaou
-- Fordham University
"The great tragedy of contemporary Orthodox theology is that Sergius Bulgakov remains one of the most understudied and underappreciated Orthodox theologians of the twentieth century. . . . In true Bulgakovian fashion, Icons and the Name of God does not simply describe what the icon is, but how the icon is possible -- the presencing of the divine in and through the material form. Like no other contemporary Orthodox theologian, Bulgakov engages the patristic tradition in a critically appreciative manner toward rendering an understanding of the icon that responds to contemporary questions. No serious Orthodox theology of the icon can ignore this magnificent text."
Richard Pevear
-- American University of Paris
"Boris Jakim has done English readers an inestimable service with his translations of the major works of twentieth-century Russian religious philosophy and theology -- works by S. L. Frank, Pavel Florensky, Vladimir Solovyov, and Sergius Bulgakov. In the present book he adds translations of two shorter works by Bulgakov on the veneration of icons and of the name of God in Orthodox tradition. Bulgakov's full and penetrating thought about these much-contested subjects is the more striking for the brevity of its expression."
Paul Valliere
-- Butler University
"Inspired by the Orthodox understanding of the Incarnation, Bulgakov's comprehensive vision of the Word made flesh is on full display here, thanks not only to the great theologian himself but also to his gifted and tireless translator, Boris Jakim."
Living Church
"Offers new insights into the thought of one of Russian Orthodoxy's greatest 20th-century theologians. . . . A welcome addition to the growing number of Bulgakov translations. . . . The orthodox of all Christian communions should read and take note."
"A rich and profound work. . . . It is unquestionably important for understanding the development of Bulgakov's thought."
Theological Studies
"I highly recommend Jakim's masterful translation. . . . Bulgakov's theological style is on full display in these texts, which synthesize authoritative sources, the liturgy, and human experience to provide a unique contribution to systematic theology."
Midwest Book Review
"Packed with spiritual insights and associations perfect for any scholar interested particularly in the veneration of icons and of the name of God in Orthodox tradition."

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