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A Shorter Guide to the Holy Spirit

Bible, Doctrine, Experience

by Anthony C. Thiselton

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ISBN: 9780802873491

Page Count: 238

Publication Date: 5/14/2016

Trim Size: 6 x 9

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Anthony Thiselton's scholarly book The Holy Spirit — In Biblical Teaching, through the Centuries, and Today was published to wide acclaim in 2013 and received a 2014 Christianity Today Book Award. This shorter volume makes Thiselton's vast biblical-theological knowledge and brilliant insight more accessible to more readers.

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Religious Studies Review
“The breadth of scholarship and attention to equilibrium for an authentic pool of hermeneutical representation extends to some of the most vibrant transcultural representatives of Pentecostal scholarship today. . . . There is no doubt that this book is a must-have in the theologian’s library.”
Alan J. Torrance
— author of Persons in Communion: Trinitarian Description and Human Participation
"A lucid introduction to the doctrine of the Holy Spirit by one of the leading biblical exegetes and theologians of our time. . . . The magisterial way in which Thiselton integrates engagement not only with the biblical and theological material but also with the current issues and debates in the church makes this resource invaluable for students and interested laypeople alike. Very highly recommended!"
Lynn H. Cohick
— author of Women in the World of the Earliest Christians
"Anthony Thiselton's gifts of clarity and conciseness are on display in his Shorter Guide to the Holy Spirit.This volume captures the moment in current hermeneutical discussions and offers thoughtful reflections on the global church. Thiselton's excellent summary of biblical texts on the Holy Spirit grounds his first-rate review of the church's theological reflection down through the centuries. . . . Solid exegesis and fresh insights."
Jack Levison
— author of Inspired: The Holy Spirit and the Mind of Faith
"Eminent scholar Anthony Thiselton applies his considerable expertise to the mysterious - and often mystifying - topic of the Holy Spirit. . . . Once again, Thiselton proves himself an able guide through dense thickets and tough terrain."
Frank D. Macchia
— author of Justified in the Spirit: Creation, Redemption, and the Triune God
"This wonderful book on the Holy Spirit is concise yet expansive in its range of issues and its choice of dialogue partners. Ideal for use in the classroom, but also sure to be of interest to the pastor and the scholar. A rare accomplishment."

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