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September Educators Pick

Mark Reasoner

“In Five Models of Scripture Mark Reasoner provides readers with an important and timely book on scriptural interpretation by offering five models for reading and interpreting the Bible. Alongside a wealth of information about scriptural interpretation—its complex history, its nuances, its contemporary implications and significance—he offers practical advice to those in ministry and those studying Scripture in an academic environment. Yet this book is more than a reservoir of information. It is also an invitation to see Scripture as an abundant communal feast that sustains and delights.”

— Lisa M. Bowens
Princeton Theological Seminary

“Mark Reasoner’s Five Models of Scripture is the mature reflection of a man educated in America’s evangelical Protestant commitment to Scripture who converted to a Roman Catholic hermeneutic in which the church’s tradition guides the interpretation of Scripture. Mark’s wonderful book confirms a long-held conviction of mine: had Catholicism always been this committed to Scripture there would never have been a Reformation. Every chapter in this book flows from years of personal Bible reading and the insights gained from classroom teaching.”
— Scot McKnight
Northern Seminary

“This is an ecumenically sensitive presentation of five different models for reading the Bible. Reasoner’s familiarity with a wide range of approaches within the Christian tradition is matched by his deeply respectful approach to positions other than his own. He had my full attention from the first to the last page. This is a work that engages the Christian Bible at the level at which it was written: for instruction regarding how to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.”
— Gary A. Anderson
University of Notre Dame

“If there is a foremost fundamental source that should integrate and reconcile the diverse models of reading and research, it is arguably sacred Scripture. Mark Reasoner has managed to weave together the distinctive paradigms of inspiration and interpretation in the Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox traditions. This book will undoubtedly enrich critical scholarship, seminary instruction, and spiritual formation in ways that shed hardened stereotypes of the past and suggest fresh perspectives for analysis and meditation in the future.”
— John Chryssavgis
theological advisor to Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew

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