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March Ministry Pick

A Pastor's Life

Douglas J. Brouwer

“It’s one thing to have a talented, theologically well-formed Reformed pastor. It’s quite another thing for that pastor to be honest, truthful, courageous, eloquent, and interesting. Douglas Brouwer is that pastor. His book is bound to be known as one of the finest ministerial memoirs to come out of the last days of mainline Protestantism. Here’s a life, a ministry well lived, an inspiring testimonial to the grace of God in calling a life to service.”
— Will Willimon
author of Accidental Preacher

“In these pages, we encounter a thing far too rare—a pastor skilled in stringing together artful sentences, writing as a genuine human rather than a religious delegate clinching the script. If we had more stories like this, those of us who wear the stole would have a little more fear and trembling, and more wonder and laughter too.”
— Winn Collier
author of Love Big, Be Well

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