Author Interviews

From a harrowing experience with a baby carriage to a recipe for tasty Christmas Porridge, interviews with our Young Reader authors are enlightening, inspiring, and rarely boring.

Jen Bryant
(July 2005)

Drew Carlson
(February 2007)

Pamela Ehrenberg
(May 2007)

David Frampton
(April 2006)

Paul Goble
(September 2004)

Stian Hole
(May 2008)

Tim Kessler
(July 2006)

Virginia Kroll
(August 2003)

Tim Ladwig
(March 2004)

Gloria D. Miklowitz
(May 2003)

Carol Molski
(April 2009)

Pat Mora
(October 2005)

C. C. Payne
(November 2008)

Janice & Tom Shefelman
(February 2008)

Eileen Spinelli
(December 2004)

Lynda Stephenson
(January 2006)

Melissa Sweet
(July 2008)

Jaqueline Levering Sullivan
(December 2007)

Ruth Vander Zee
(March 2005)

Elizabeth Van Steenwyk
(October 2006)