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The Great Reversal
Ethics and the New Testament
Allen D. Verhey
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POD; Published: 11/1/1986
ISBN: 978-0-8028-0004-6
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260 Pages
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There is no denying, writes Allen Verhey, that churches today are called to discern the shape and style of life "worth of the gospel of Christ" in the twentieth century. Even in the face of changing situations and new moral problems to address, the contemporary church stands self-consciously in a tradition of which the New testament is a normative part.

In this major new study of New Testament ethics, Verhey examines first of all the ethic of Jesus, for it is there that the tradition begins. He then analyzes the different forms in which the early church handed down the memory of Jesus' words and deeds in the development of a moral tradition. Next he deals with that tradition as it came to canonical expression in the New Testament writings.

In the last part of the book Verhey focuses on the use of the New Testament in the continuing moral tradition of the church, surveying proposals for the use of Scripture, identifying the critical methodological questions, and defending a "modest proposal" for the use of Scripture.
Stanley Hauerwas
--University of Notre Dame
"Equally well-versed in Biblical criticism and ethical theory, Dr. Verhey has done much to bridge the gap between these two fields. His careful depiction of the various ethics in the New Testament has shown how the Bible can and should illumine and inform our moral existence."
C. Freeman Sleeper
--Roanoke College
"A major contribution to the growing body of literature on the relationship between the Bible and Christian Ethics.. It sets a standard for all future work in this area.. Essential for serious students of the Bible and Christian Ethics."
Luke Timothy Johnson
--Indiana University
"The best of the recent studies which try to bridge the distance between critical New testament scholarship and Ethics.. Particularly important for its close and consistent focus on the texts and issues themselves. While never idiosyncratic, it retains a fresh vision and sustains a clear argument."