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Be My Witnesses
The Church's Mission, Message, and Messengers
POD; Published: 10/15/1985
ISBN: 978-0-8028-0051-0
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252 Pages
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What is the church's mission in the world? What message does it proclaim, and who is to proclaim it? The mission, says Darrell Guder in this book, is to complete the work of salvation that God began in the incarnation of his son Jesus Christ. The message is the gospel — the good news of the incarnate Christ. And the messengers are the Body of Christ — the church — who have been called to be his witnesses. Only as we understand Christ's incarnation and the church's role in proclaiming its meaning, according to Guder, can we understand our calling to be witnesses of God's salvation.

Written out of Guder's wide-ranging experience as a minister and professor in the United States and Europe, and especially his work with the Fuller Seminary Institute of Youth Ministries and with Young Life, this book will challenge students and educated laypersons to grapple with serious theology about the church as it relates to what Christians are doing daily about their faith.
Bishop Williams C. Frey
--Diocese of Colorado
"A superlative book. the most refreshing and challenging work on missionary theology to come out of this country.. Any church that takes Guder's agenda seriously will be greatly strengthened and equipped for ministry and mission in the years to come."