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Like Dew Your Youth
Growing Up with Your Teenager
PAPERBACK; Published: 10/7/1994
ISBN: 978-0-8028-0116-6
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125 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 6 X 9
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"Adolescence is a gift," writes author Eugene Peterson. "God's gift, to the parent in middle-age. This 'gift' dimension of adolescence is my subject. For adolescence is not only the process designed by the Creator to bring children to adulthood, it is also designed by the Creator to provide something essential for parents during correspondingly critical years in their lives. Christian parents are most advantageously placed to recognize, appreciate, and receive this gift God so wisely provides."

In Like Dew Your Youth Peterson shows how adolescence is a time for parents to enjoy a deeper, richer relationship with their children and for both parents and children to grow in their relationships with Jesus Christ. In addition to its wealth of positive, effective ways to deal with many of the problems and pains of growing up, this insightful book offers an understanding of parent-adolescent relationships that will help promote an atmosphere of communication, growth, frankness, forgiveness, love, and harmony in the home. Study questions at the end of each chapter help readers apply Peterson's practical, Bible-centered teaching. There are also tips for using this material within the framework of parental support groups.

Like Dew Your Youth provides a much-needed balm against the fear and anxiety bred by traditional views of this exciting period of life and properly orients parents and teenagers within this God-provided environment for spiritual growth.

St. Anthony Messenger
"The best little book on the topic this reviewer has come across yet. . . Peterson knows what he's talking about, and he offers helpful advice. . . If you are a parent of teenagers, know parents of teenagers or want to start a discussion or support group for parents of teens, this is the perfect book. I can't praise it highly enough."