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Follower of Jesus or Founder of Christianity?
POD; Published: 4/5/1995
ISBN: 978-0-8028-0124-1
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472 Pages
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This book provides a broad, popular look at the relationship between Paul and Jesus. Considering the recurrent question of how much Paul knew and was dependent on the teachings of Jesus, Wenham studies the Gospels and Paul's letters, systematically compares the teachings of Jesus and Paul, and reveals the intriguing connections and differences between the two. His conclusions make this volume a groundbreaking work with exciting implications for the study of Jesus and the Gospels and of Paul and early Christianity.
Anvil (U.K.)
"Bound to become a standard text."
Biblical Interpretation
"A valuable contribution to an important subject."
"Even readers who are not convinced by Wenham's argument will be impressed by the breadth of material assembled here. The book will prove particularly useful to serious students seeking an overview of the scholarly debate regarding Paul's place in early Christianity and some suggestions regarding points of entry."
Catholic Biblical Quarterly
"Wenham has produced a thought-provoking and very convincing study. Some of his conclusions will be controversial, but his general thesis and his discussion of particular passages are convincing. It is an excellent summary and a careful guide for future studies in this area."
"Besides filling a lacuna in scholarship, the book is lucid and careful."
Church Times
"There are many fresh suggestions here, to provoke scholarly discussion."
Journal for the Study of the New Testament
"This study is one to be highly commended both from a methodological standpoint and from an exegetical one."
Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
"An important contribution to contemporary scholarship. . . Wenham has made a pivotal contribution to this very important area of study. He has produced a work that is scholarly in its use of modern Biblical criticism, evenhanded in its presentation of differing views, judicious in its evaluation of the data, and persuasive in its defense of his thesis. . . This volume will have to be consulted by any who attempt to write on the Jesus—Paul question in the future."
Library Journal
"He makes a strong case that most, but not all, of Paul's beliefs conform to the received Jesus tradition. This work is accessible to persistent, knowledgeable lay readers."
The Living Church
"Wenham's book is a much appreciated education and a striking success."
"The persuasiveness with which Wenham argues his case, and the far-reaching implications of his thesis for both gospel and Pauline studies, make this book a significant contribution to both fields. . . This study deserves a wide readership among students and professional scholars alike, and promised to make an enduring contribution to the theological study of the NT."
Theology (U.K.)
"The work is wide ranging and well researched, yet it remains accessible."