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Risen Indeed
Making Sense of the Resurrection
POD; Published: 10/14/1993
ISBN: 978-0-8028-0126-5
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232 Pages
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Drawing skillfully from a broad menu of philosophy, theology, and biblical scholarship, Stephen Davis argues compellingly that Christian belief in the resurrection is rational. This accessible, creative volume is the product of Davis's longtime interest in and reflection on resurrection. Chapters cover such matters as the preservation of personal identity and body-soul dualism, literal bodily resurrection, and the reliability of biblical resurrection accounts.
John W. Cooper
—Calvin Theological Seminary
"A significant and masterful piece of Christian apologetics. Davis skillfully defends the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ and the future resurrection of the dead from a vast assortment of objections that have been raised against these doctrines. . . . He offers a carefully crafted, comprehensive account of Christ's resurrection and ours that is true to Scripture, intellectually satisfying, and in places spiritually uplifting."
Paul Helm
—King's College, University of London
"Detailed, clear, and fair-minded. . . . Davis picks his way carefully through a wide variety of arguments, always finding the pulse of any issue he discusses."
William Lane Craig
—University of Louvain
"An investigation at once exegetically and philosophically informed. As one who has mastered both the biblical and the philosophical literature on resurrection, Davis is able to speak to these matters with an expertise shared by few."
Donald A. Hagner
—Fuller Theological Seminary
"It is hard to imagine a more helpful book on the resurrection than Risen Indeed. Davis discusses a host of difficult philosophical questions in a wonderfully illuminating manner. Because he has the gift of making the difficult clear, this book will interest not only specialists but also thoughtful lay readers who have wondered about the resurrection. Enthusiastically recommended!"