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Why Believe?
Reason and Mystery as Pointers to God
POD; Published: 8/28/1996
ISBN: 978-0-8028-0127-2
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164 Pages
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Why do some people believe while others don't? Why do some change their beliefs? Is Christianity a viable option in today's intellectual world where Christianity is often regarded as intellectually disreputable? In Why Believe?, a highly readable defense of the Christian faith, C. Stephen Evans discusses these questions and shows that belief in God still makes sense in a world of many religious options.

Evans outlines a simple yet solid case for historic Christian belief and responds to such common objections as: Why would a good God permit evil? Is Christian belief unscientific? Is Christianity sexist? If Christianity is true, why have so many social evils been done in the name of Christ? He also makes the case for faith by pointing to cogent objective evidence and to the signs and clues that God displays in ordinary human experience and shows why Jesus is the final revelation of that God.

Originally published as The Quest for Faith (InterVarsity Press), Why Believe? has been extensively rewritten and includes many pages of new material.

Christianity Today, Number 10 on the Top 25 Books of the Year list (1997)
Christianity Today
"This clear-headed guide by a leading Christian philosopher is a good book to give seekers, but it also could be used with profit in a college-level small group where students are wrestling with challenges to their faith."