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Responsible Technology
A Christian Perspective
POD; Published: 7/16/1986
ISBN: 978-0-8028-0175-3
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264 Pages
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This book provides a multi-disciplinary Christian analysis of the forces shaping the operation of modern technology, and offers an alternative framework of biblically rooted normative principles. It argues that technology is a value- laden activity and presents principles for basing it on God's will.
Kenneth W. Hermann
—Kent State University
"Responsible Technology makes a significant, much-needed contribution to developing a distinctly Christian perspective on the influential role technology plays in our culture. The range of issues discussed, the depth of insight, the sensitivity to biblical directives, and the cogent presentation are all impressive. The articulation of specific biblically rooted norms that ought to guide and shape our responsibility before the Lord in fabricating and using technological objects is particularly illuminating. All thoughtful Christians, whether professionals, academics, or concerned citizens, will want to read and ponder the implications of this book for guiding their obedience in a technological society."