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Psalms, Part 1
An Introduction to Cultic Poetry
POD; Published: 4/5/1988
ISBN: 978-0-8028-0255-2
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276 Pages
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Series: The Forms of the Old Testament Literature (FOTL)

Erhard Gerstenberger begins this volume with an examination of the nature of cultic poetry, its role in ancient Near Eastern religion, and more specifically its role in the religion of Israel. He goes on to survey the genres of cultic poetry, including lament, complaint, and thanksgiving, and then focuses on the book of Psalms as an example of cultic poetry, first analyzing the book as a whole and then working through Psalms 1-60 unit by unit.
James Luther Mays
"This commentary is the rich harvest of Professor Gerstenberger's long investigation of the Psalms. It sets a benchmark for the form-critical study of Israel's prayers and hymns."
John H. Hayes
"A well-written, well-documented volume that is a gold mine of form-critical observations."
Patrick D. Miller, Jr.
"This is a most important work, surely the most important and most comprehensive form-critical treatment of the Psalms in the last two decades. We have here the fruit of a lifetime of studying the Psalms by one of the foremost interpreters of that literature. It is a first-rate piece of work that will be widely used."