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Israel's Law and the Church's Faith
Paul and His Recent Interpreters
POD; Published: 11/7/1988
ISBN: 978-0-8028-0288-0
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248 Pages
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A scholarly treatment of the debate over the law in Pauline thought. After describing how Luther viewed Paul's statements on the law, Westerholm provides an extended survey of major twentieth- century works that bring the "Lutheran" construction of Paul into question. He then develops his own view of the matter, referring constantly to the concerns and solutions posited by the scholars whose work he has examined.
J. Louis Martyn
—Union Theological Seminary
"Some of the current developments in the study of Paul's theology are having the unintended effect of threatening to substitute the social dimensions of Paul's practical labors for the theological passions that functioned as the dynamo of his entire life. Without ignoring the values of sociological research, Westerholm is admirably concerned to focus our attention on Paul's theology, specifically on the theological issues that arose for the Apostle in his valiant attempt to assess the role of the law after the advent of Christ. Beginning with an unusually mature account of the debate that is currently raging over Paul's understanding of the law, Westerholm has provided an analysis of his own that will certainly claim the attention of all students of Paul the theologian."
Robert Jewett
—Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary
"This is the most clearly written and understandable treatment of the debate over the law in Pauline thought that I have seen. The book is eloquent, witty, and penetrating, solidly grounded in an understanding of contemporary scholarly discussion. This may well become the definitive resolution of the problems posed by recent research."
Peter Richardson
—University of Toronto
"A rigorous theological analysis of Paul's view of the law, taking off from Luther's programmatic exposition and landing squarely in Paul's contribution to an understanding of Christian behavior. Both parts are valuable: his analysis of recent scholarly work provides the best available overview of today's debate; his response to new views of Paul and the law provides a challenge that cannot be neglected. This book is acute, stimulating, and beautifully written."
Arland J. Hultgren
—Luther Northwestern Theological Seminary
"Westerholm has produced an illuminating, engaging, and refreshing book. He sets forth the views of major interpreters of Paul with clarity and candor, engages them, and then makes proposals of his own, which are both well considered and instructive. The book is both interesting and informative, a reader's delight."