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An Introduction to the Old Testament
Edward J. Young
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POD; Published: 8/23/1989
ISBN: 978-0-8028-0339-9
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436 Pages
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A scholarly conservative study of the literary characteristics of the books of the Old Testament. Young argues for the inner harmony and underlying unity of the literary units that make up the Old Testament. Includes special bibliographies for each chapter, a general bibliography, and three indexes.
H. H. Rowley
in Bulletin of the Society for Old Testament Study
"The author has made himself, in the space of a relatively few years, easily foremost among conservative scholars of the Old Testament..Of the conservative books on this subject this is easily the best."
The Irish Evangelical
"We believe this work of Dr. Young's will hold the field for years to come. There is no introduction to the Old Testament to equal it. . . . One of the finest features of the book is the history given of the literary criticism of the Old Testament Scriptures. . . . This book surely embodies the results of a tremendous amount of work."
Evangelical Quarterly
"We shall now be at no loss for an answer if we are asked to recommend an Old Testament Introduction which on the one hand is up to date and on the other presents and upholds the most conservative case for the Mosaic authorship of the Pentateuch, the unity of Isaiah and of Zechariah, the historicity of Jonah and Esther, the exilic date of Daniel, the Davidic authorship of many of the Psalms, and the like. For here is the very book."
Journal of Bible and Religion
". . . a recent and definitive study of the Old Testament from the standpoint of historic orthodox Protestantism . . . discussions of the problems of higher criticism and general analysis of the book are very comprehensive and include good bibliographies. The discussion of the history of Pentateuchal criticism, for example, begins with the Gnostic sects and is carried through to Pfeiffer's S source!"
Dr. Wilbur M. Smith
"It is the only work of its kind today from a conservative standpoint. It is a must on the list of every man in this country seriously interested in the interpretation of the Old Testament."