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At Risk in the Promised Land
E. John Hamlin
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POD; Published: 8/7/1990
ISBN: 978-0-8028-0432-7
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194 Pages
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Series: International Theological Commentary

This theological treatment of the Book of Judges is fresh, original, imaginative, scholarly, and relevant. In his commentary E. John Hamlin pays careful attention to the structure and meaning of the text of Judges, and he elucidates the "risk" that Israel faced in the Promised Land — the risk of living among the "Canaanites," of adopting their ungodly practices and their way of organizing society (the way of death). Hamlin's characterizations of the various liberator judges are particularly thought-provoking.

Each chapter concludes with "Perspectives" on the text — reflections on the ancient context of the Judges accounts, insights from the Asian cultures among which Hamlin has lived and worked, and applications to modern situations.