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Understanding Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism
POD; Published: 12/26/1990
ISBN: 978-0-8028-0539-3
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218 Pages
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In this historical overview of American fundamentalism and evangelicalism, Marsden provides an introduction to the growing religious movements and a deeper analysis of two themes that have been especially prominent and controversial in these traditions—views of science and views of politics.
Christian Scholar's Review
"In the history-of-fundamentalism business, George Marsden remains on top."
"The work will be useful as a supplementary textbook. The clarity, organization, and detail of Marsden's opening historical overview provide excellent introduction to an extraordinarily lively subject."
"There is perhaps no one better able to facilitate an understanding of American Protestant fundamentalism and evangelicalism than George Marsden. . . The volume provides a helpful introduction to and interpretation of the Protestant fundamentalist movement of the 20th century and the evangelicalism that grew out of that movement. . . Marsden is successful in communicating his research and interpretations in a style that is clear and readable, even for those with little background in the subject. Recommended for both academic and public libraries."
Religious Studies Review
"It can serve as a review for specialists in the field and as a wonderful introduction for those who are not. Professors can put it into the hands of undergraduates with the confidence that they will profit from it."
Library Journal
"Anyone who is interested in this rapidly growing element in today's society will want to read this excellent analysis. Recommended for academic and public libraries."