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Christian Basics
A Primer for Pilgrims
POD; Published: 2/26/1991
ISBN: 978-0-8028-0541-6
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192 Pages
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Of Christian Basics Paul Achtemeier writes, "Those seeking a forthright and clear exposition of basic Christian doctrines need look no further than this book. Broad in outlook, ecumenical in perspective, and honest in its approach, the book presents a fresh angle of vision on some old and important truths."

Christians looking for a refresher course in the essentials of their faith and general inquirers seeking to understand the historic beliefs of Christianity will find both information and inspiration in this book. Arranging basic theological beliefs in a narrative form that moves from creation to the resurrection, Christian Basics highlights the Christian story as Scripture tells it, grounding each "chapter" of the story firmly in the purpose of the triune God. Supporting this narrative are discussion questions, a variety of charts, and a glossary to aid readers in understanding theological concepts and terms.

Using simple language with a creative flair, the authors also confront contemporary issues ranging from science and secularism to the rise of fundamentalism and the "new age" movements, offering guidelines for living a spiritually rich life. As a project written jointly by husband and wife, this book draws on the experience of both men and women in the interpretation of Christian faith, an important perspective in a day when inclusivity of viewpoint is crucial. The Fackres' shared pastoral and teaching background roots their writing deeply in the life and mission of the church, and their discussion is permeated by a joyful gratitude that readers will find inspiring.
Tony Campolo
"In an age of confession, this book helps to clarity what Biblical Christianity is all about."
Eugene Peterson
"I'm always on the lookout for a book that tells The Story accurately and well, a book I can put in the hand of an inquirer with confidence. Christian Basics: A Primer for Pilgrims is my latest find. Read this book and you will get the story straight — the God story, and your story along with it."
Paul Achtemeier
"A coherent and remarkably complete overview of basic Christian doctrine. Telling their tale in lucid language, the authors invite the seeker to taste and the believer to savor the ever-fresh insights of the Christian story. Those who accept the invitation will come away informed and refreshed."
William Willimon
"Christian Basics is a creative, essential introduction to the Christian faith. The book will be a lively resource for membership classes, confirmation classes, or anyone who wants to survey the Christian faith and its basic beliefs in a lively way."