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An Introduction to Systematic Theology
POD; Published: 3/12/1991
ISBN: 978-0-8028-0546-1
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74 Pages
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Offering a fresh perspective on the task and strategy of systematic theology, Pannenberg discusses the need for systematic theology, problems of a Christian doctrine of God, the doctrine of creation in an age of scientific cosmology, and Christology within a systematic framework.
Geoffrey Wainwright
—Duke University
"The great Pannenberg here operates in unfamiliar mode. His formidable intelligence and vast learning are placed in the service of an introduction for beginning students or for the layperson who needs to be persuaded of the vital importance of technology. To professionals this little book constitutes a summons, in the intellectual context of our time, to what the author considers the perennial task of systematic theology — the critical construction of coherent models of reality that at least render plausible the Christian confession of the Triune God as the creator, redeemer, and final savior of the world."
Richard John Neuhaus
"Systematic theology is not merely a preoccupation of academic specialists but is integral to the Christian life. It is thinking through, carefully and coherently, the truth of the Christian proposition. The present book is further evidence of Pannenberg's leading role in the intellectual renewal of Christianity in our time."
Carl E. Braaten
—Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago
"This book is a foretaste of the style and substance of Wolfhart Pannenberg's magnum opus, the three-volume Systematic Theology. Here we see how the author opens up the discipline to broad horizons of philosophical, historical, and scientific thought. . . . At a time when many religious thinkers are surrendering to a neotribalism in which some distinguishing mark of identity, such as gender, color, class, or ideology, dominates the entire theological enterprise, Pannenberg brings the doctrines of the Christian faith before the forum of the universal consciousness of truth, seeking no special exemptions of privileges beforehand, or secretly presupposing some presumed invulnerable area."