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Speaking the Christian God
The Holy Trinity and the Challenge of Feminism
POD; Published: 9/15/1992
ISBN: 978-0-8028-0612-3
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347 Pages
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This unique collection of essays offers an orthodox, constructively critical response to contemporary feminist theology. While affirming the dignity and equality of man and woman as created in the image of God, the contributors also argue that the trinitarian language for God — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit — is a biblical given not to be changed.

Elizabeth Achtemeier
Roland M. Frye
Garrett Green
Colin Gunton
Janet Martin Soskice
Robert W. Jenson
Gerhard O. Forde
Thomas F. Torrance
Thomas Hopko
J. A. DiNoia
Geoffrey Wainwright
Elizabeth A. Morelli
David A. Scott
Stephen M. Smith
Blanche A. Jenson
Ray S. Anderson
Leslie Ziegler
George Hunsinger
—Princeton Theological Seminary
"Vigorously written and powerfully argued, this important volume greatly advances the discussion of 'inclusive language' in contemporary theology. . . . If feminism is to have a future in a church which remains the church, these are the voices which must be heard."
William J. Abraham
—Perkins School of Theology
"Written with a wonderfully restrained passion. [The] authors are deeply concerned to speak the truth about God in a feminist and postfeminist culture. . . . Anyone who wants to deal seriously with the issues evoked by feminism should ponder with great care the arguments discussed here."
Richard John Neuhaus
First Things
"The time has come for Speaking the Christian God. Ten years ago, even five years ago, the challenges of feminism were too various and confused to permit the clarity of analysis that marks these essays. This book will become an essential reference for those who want to understand one of the most important developments in American Christianity in the twentieth century."