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Freedom for Ministry, rev. ed.
POD; Published: 3/4/1992
ISBN: 978-0-8028-0622-2
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271 Pages
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A compelling, insightful account of ministry arising out of the author's wealth of personal experience. Neuhaus addresses the awkwardness (both necessary and liberating) of Christian ministry, discusses the minister as worship leader and as preacher, and deals with some of the more common moral dilemmas of ministry (with particular reference to ambition, sexuality, and money).
Chuck Colson
"Of the many books I have read on the nature and ministry of the church, I have found none so incisive, comprehensive, and evocative as Freedom for Ministry. It is, in short, a classic."
Christian Ministry
"This study of the ministry and how the minister can affirm the high calling of the church [is] a good pick-me-up for those times when the minister feels all is lost."
Stanley Hauerwas
"If there was one book and only one book I could recommend for anyone entering the ministry, it would be Richard John Neuhaus's Freedom for Ministry. Forged in the fires of Neuhaus's own ministry, this book makes clear that the ministry of the church is possible only because God has made it possible. Filled with insight and wisdom . . . the most compelling account of ministry in our day."
"Neuhaus writes with skill, clarity, and informed conviction. His style is vibrant and flowing — Freedom for Ministry is hard to put down — and full of memorable phrasings of old and new ideas. . . . Deserves to be read and pondered by every Christian minister."
Avery Dulles, S. J.
"Feeling awkward and useless, some ministers seek to establish their authority through clerical professionalism or excursions into psychology, sociology, and political activism. But the true crisis, as Neuhaus shows, is theological. . . . Neuhaus's program for ministry, studded with vivid illustrations and practical suggestions, should help many priests and ministers to do with new courage what they are called to do."