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Prophecy in Early Christianity and the Ancient Mediterranean World
POD; Published: 11/1/1991
ISBN: 978-0-8028-0635-2
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Comparable in scope to Johannes Lindblom's Prophecy in Ancient Israel, this book offers the first comprehensive treatment in English of the place of prophecy in the New Testament period.

Because early Christianity was the product of western as well as eastern religious and cultural traditions, David Aune begins by examining the antecedents of early Christian prophecy. He describes Greco-Roman prophecy — the types of oracles, the people who prophesied, the procedures, and the purpose of prophecy. In examining Israelite-Jewish prophecy, Aune discusses the Old Testament prophets, first-century apocalyptic literature, eschatological prophecy, John the Baptist, and Qumran.

Having thus set the background in detail, Aune examines the character of early Christian prophecy, discussing the early Christian and modern conceptions of Jesus as prophet, and analyzing every known Christian prophetic speech from Paul to the middle of the second century A.D.

Aune attributes the eventual decline of prophecy to the institutionalization of Christianity, in which the functions of teachers, pastors, elders, and deacons replaced the essentially similar functions of prophets.
Birger Gerhardsson
—Lund University, Sweden
"This full-scale investigation brings research a good step forward. . . . The presentation is concise and rich, and the author's fine distinctions and his ability to formulate pertinent questions create an indispensable basis for further discussions."
Robert M. Grant
—University of Chicago
"This very important study of early Christian life will enlighten anyone who reads it. It is a major contribution to the whole early Christian world, based on sound learning and written to be read."
I. Howard Marshall
"Professor Aune has written the most comprehensive and detailed study of early Christian prophecy yet to appear. He puts his encyclopedic knowledge of ancient Judaism and the Greco-Roman world to excellent account in placing Christian prophecy within its context. . . . This book is a major contribution to New Testament scholarship and will become the standard textbook on its subject."
G. R. Beasley-Murray
"David Aune's study of early Christian prophecy is an extraordinary achievement. . . . The wide-ranging scope of this work and constructive critical evaluation make it a notable contribution to New Testament scholarship."
F. F. Bruce
"Dr. Aune has given us a more thorough and comprehensive study of early Christian prophecy in its setting than anything that I have seen thus far."
Ralph P. Martin
"Dr. Aune breaks new ground and challenges some well-accepted positions. Earlier writers have been content to set New Testament prophecy in continuity with its Old Testament counterpart. Aune carves a fresh niche for his investigation by acquainting the reader with prophecy in Greco-Roman culture as a milieu that cannot be ignored. . . . His classification of the 'types' of early prophetic oracles is bound to provoke discussion by setting this study on the basis of firm, objective criteria. The result is a most significant, exciting, well-constructed — and eminently readable — book."