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The Culture of Interpretation
Christian Faith and the Postmodern World
POD; Published: 4/7/1993
ISBN: 978-0-8028-0636-9
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280 Pages
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A bold, ambitious undertaking, this book offers a broad-ranging account of contemporary American culture, the complex network of symbols, practices, and beliefs at the heart of our society. Writing from a well-considered Christian perspective, Roger Lundin explores the historical background of some of our "postmodern" culture's central beliefs and examines the crucial ethical and theological implications of those beliefs.

The goal of Lundin's sweeping cultural analysis is to initiate a meaningful dialogue - within the Christian church about the relationship of Christ to contemporary culture, and outside the church about the nature of the self and of truth. The Culture of Interpretation will be of interest to educated general readers, to scholars in various disciplines (philosophy, history, sociology, English, etc.), and to Christian graduate students in theology and the humanities.

Philip C. Rule
—College of the Holy Cross
"Theological reflection on culture at its best. Lundin's informed grasp of the main historical currents of Western European and American cultures allows him to evaluate contemporary literary theories and Christian theologies judiciously and creatively. This book will inform and challenge the general reader and should send Christian theologians back to their drawing boards to craft an apologetic that is at once faithful to its past and meaningful in the present."
George M. Marsden
—University of Notre Dame
"People often ask me for examples of fine Christian scholarship. Lundin's Culture of Interpretation is certainly one of the volumes I shall now point them to. It provides a remarkably clear overview and Christian critique of contemporary critical theory, and it is grounded on an insightful understanding of American cultural history."