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After Eden
Facing the Challenge of Gender Reconciliation
POD; Published: 3/4/1993
ISBN: 978-0-8028-0646-8
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670 Pages
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The title of this book is an appropriate one for a study of gender relations, for we live not in but after Eden — a fact that is especially evident in the ongoing tensions between men and women. Reflecting much careful deliberation, After Eden not only deals sensitively with the painful realities of broken gender relations but also puts forth a biblically inspired vision of shalom, healing, hope, and reconciliation.

Written from an informed Christian perspective by an interdisciplinary team of scholars, the book discusses the history of feminism in its Christian and secular forms, analyzes the tensions the compatibilities between Reformed Christianity and feminism, and looks at the relationship of gender to various cultural and social institutions. What makes After Eden unique is its wide-ranging scope: no other books treats, as this one does, the systematic embedding of gender issues in all areas of life.
Lisa Sowle Cahill
—Boston College
"After Eden covers an impressive range of feminist thinkers and positions, and will serve as an excellent course text and a superb guide to the literature. It introduces issues clearly, makes balanced and sophisticated judgments about the relative merits of positions, but also develops a constructive argument. Especially valuable are the care with which epistemological issues are treated and the attempt to begin a cross-cultural conversation. This book makes a major contribution to Christian feminist literature."