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Read It in Greek
An Introduction to New Testament Greek
POD; Published: 9/8/1993
ISBN: 978-0-8028-0665-9
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224 Pages
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In American seminaries today, there is a very limited amount of time available to most students for language study. Still, a working knowledge of the original language of the New Testament is imperative for informed exegesis of the biblical texts. Written with this difficult situation in mind, Read It in Greek offers a concise, one- semester introduction to the Greek language of the New Testament.

Taking a unique, inductive approach to the study of Greek, this text focuses on reading the Greek — 1 John is read through from beginning to end — yet also teaches enough syntax to enable students to interact with all of the New Testament. The book also integrates into the language course lessons in exegesis of the Greek text, resulting in immediate, usable skills that will allow students to look behind the façade of modern-language translations and to follow discussions in technical commentaries and other scholarly works. Students who go beyond the first semester to further study of the language will find it easy to refine the general concepts taught here. Those who do not will have begun reading the Greek New Testament and will have the resources necessary to continue doing so.

Originally published as The New Testament Is in Greek: A Short Course for Exegetes, this volume continues to be one of the best resources available for quickly — yet effectively — introducing students to the reading of New Testament Greek.
Deirdre J. Good
"Extremely user-friendly, and much more than a grammar, this book will educate and delight would-be preachers, seminarians, lay folk, and others interested in 'good Bible study."
Religious Studies Review
"Countryman ably succeeds in his goal of providing for novice exegetes a one-semester introduction to the Hellenistic Greek of the New Testament."
Reformed Theological Review
"Well-written from an educational point of view. The lessons build well on each other."