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Resurrection and Moral Order
An Outline for Evangelical Ethics
POD; Published: 2/18/1994
ISBN: 978-0-8028-0692-5
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298 Pages
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In this seminal work Oliver O'Donovan delineates a convincing theological ethics from an evangelical standpoint that illumines such important concepts as freedom, authority, nature, history, and revelation. For this revised edition O'Donovan has added a substantial prologue that, taking account of critical responses to the first edition, more fully locates his argument and position in relation to some current alternatives.
Christian Scholar's Review
"O'Donovan has produced a solid piece of work that is well conceived, meticulously executed, philosophically as well as theologically cognizant, and still relevant to both pastoral counseling and ethical decision-making. . . It is a must, a landmark for years to come."
Christianity Today
"A brilliant account of the Christian life that evokes both joy and discipline. It is, and is destined to remain, a book from which subsequent attempts to form an evangelical ethic will learn and a standard by which they will be judged."
Journal of the American Academy of Religion
"O'Donovan has written an outline for a Christian, evangelical ethic that is systematic in scope and demands attention as a contemporary, classic expression of Christian ethics. Theologians, ethicists, and graduate students will be rewarded as they are forced to think through systematically their own understanding of the Christian life."