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Sexual Character
Beyond Technique to Intimacy
Marva J. Dawn
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POD; Published: 6/8/1993
ISBN: 978-0-8028-0700-7
Price: $ 19.50
186 Pages
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Aiming to combat the widespread confusion today regarding sexual issues, Marva Dawn offers here a clear biblical understanding of human sexuality. Her fresh perspectives in Sexual Character will challenge and encourage persons living in our sex-saturated society.

To establish the necessary foundations for new thinking about sexual issues, Dawn explains the importance of distinguishing between social and genital sexuality (a distinction generally not made), discusses the forces in our technological society that jeopardize true intimacy, and outlines the "ethics of character" that forms the basis for discussion in the rest of the book.

Holding to a positive biblical vision for sexual character leads Dawn to raise many provocative questions that apply in very practical, relevant ways to such issues as friendship, marriage, divorce, teenage dating, homosexuality, and abortion. Dawn ends the book by putting forth a hopeful vision of "sexual shalom" for individuals and Christian communities.

Written in an engaging, non-preachy style, Sexual Character will benefit all thoughtful Christian adults--ministers, parents, youth group leaders, college students--and provide solid material for church discussion groups.