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Seek the Peace of the City
Reflections on Urban Ministry
POD; Published: 8/7/1995
ISBN: 978-0-8028-0729-8
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160 Pages
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This volume sounds a ringing summons to today's churches to give primacy once again to urban ministry. Informed by a high degree of theological and social- scientific insight and by a wealth of experience in the urban milieu, Villafañe lays out a vision of a church that, unlike the trend today, refuses to retreat from the challenges of city life. Includes chapters by Douglas Hall, Efrain Agosto, and Bruce W. Jackson. Foreword by Harvey Cox.
Justo L. Gonzalez
—Columbia Theological Seminary
"Villafa�e provides us with a worthy sequel to his ground-breaking first book, The Liberating Spirit. Speaking out of his great wealth of experience in Latino barrios and their churches, Villafa�e offers a new vision and a renewed hope for urban ministries. This is obligatory reading for those who fear that the church no longer has a role to play in the shaping of our cities. It will also prove informative and enlightening for those of us who know otherwise."
J. Alfred Smith
—Allen Temple Baptist Church, Oakland, California
"Villafa�e has written the only book of its kind to assist professors and students as well as pastors in urban ministry to serve in a multicultural ministry with theological depth and sociocultural relevance. He writes as a scholar not from an elitist perspective but from the pathos of the underside of society."
George W. Webber
—New York Theological Seminary
"A creative and thoughtful discussion of the issues that are critical in the ministry of God's people in the urban world of today. Villafa�e combines solid scholarship with insight and sensitivity to the specific tasks of laity and clergy. The result is a splendid contribution to the mission of congregations and a challenge to all those who seek to be faithful in seeking the shalom of the place where God has called them to ministry. His insight and wisdom will be useful across a wide range of Christian traditions."