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Consulting the Faithful
What Christian Intellectuals Can Learn from Popular Religion
POD; Published: 9/8/1994
ISBN: 978-0-8028-0738-0
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96 Pages
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In this careful assessment of contemporary religious trends, Mouw remains committed to theological orthodoxy while also asserting that the Christian intellectual community should pay careful and sympathetic attention to popular religious culture. Probing the thought of some theological giants of the past — John Henry Newman, Abraham Kuyper, and others — Mouw advocates a "hermeneutic of charity" toward popular religion and says that Christian scholars, besides teaching the "little people" of the church, must also learn from the "practical theological wisdom" of laypeople.
Lloyd John Ogilvie
—First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood
"This book should be required reading for every pastor in America and for the seminary professors who train them. Here, at long last, is a clear call for the intellectual leadership of the church to listen with empathy and sensitivity to the deep spiritual yearning hidden beneath the surface of today's popular religion."
Barbara G. Wheeler
—Auburn Theological Seminary
"This is a wise and generous essay that should be read by liberal as well as evangelical theologians. Mouw gently but firmly reminds Christian intellectuals who find popular religion distasteful that they are obliged to speak to the crises of faith in people's daily lives, that popular piety's response to these crises is a rich theological resource, and that all theology, including the most professional, is the work of God's people"
Bill Hybels
—Willow Creek Community Church
"Richard Mouw argues for honest, charitable engagement between scholarship and popular religion. Wise counsel for the body of Christ."
Margaret O'Gara
—University of St. Michael's College
"Richard Mouw highlights the theological significance of popular religion. His wit and insight make this book a refreshing theological reflection on Christian proclamation within North American culture. The ecumenical movement will benefit from the light this book throws on popular forms of prayer and piety from other church traditions."
Richard John Neuhaus
First Things
"In this marvelously readable and extraordinary important little book, Richard Mouw calls us to view popular religion with less suspicion and more charity, indeed with the respect that is due the piety of ordinary Christians — which includes most of us."