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Equality and the Family
A Fundamental, Practical Theology of Children, Mothers, and Fathers in Modern Societies
PAPERBACK; Published: 12/21/2006
ISBN: 978-0-8028-0756-4
428 Pages
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Series: Religion, Marriage, and Family (RMF)

In Equality and the Family Don Browning has carefully compiled many of his past essays in order to shed light on the path we should take in the future. He contends that practical theology can be envisioned as a practical research program, and he uses the very concrete example of the family to illustrate how this works.

Though much of the secular world believes that equality in the family cannot be based on Christian ideas, Browning insists that it can and should be. Aiming to be pro-family and pro-marriage in ways that create justice and equality within the family, he argues for the church's ideal model of the mother-father partnership to be balanced with an understanding and acceptance of the pluralism of family forms as a part of modern life, including church life. Equality and the Family develops a useful practical theology for those who work with or study the modern family in any capacity and for those who simply belong to one.
Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen
— Eastern University
"Don Browning's stellar background in practical theology and his wide-ranging interdisciplinary interests are on full display in this collection of his essays from the past two decades. This volume will be immensely useful not only to religious theoreticians and practitioners but also to those concerned with law, therapy, business, and other family-related professions."
Ray S. Anderson
— Fuller Theological Seminary
" 'Don Browning's contribution to the discipline of practical theology has been foundational and formative. This collection of essays on the modern family demonstrates the rich and creative results of practical theology as a critical method of research and inquiry. Through these essays Browning proposes a new agenda for facing contemporary issues regarding marriage and family — an agenda that avoids confrontational ideology and advances a communicative theology that is pro-family and pro-marriage. In the face of postmodern tendencies toward moral relativism and theological solipsism, Browning's vision for familial life provides normative content based on an ethic of equal-regard and a biblically informed critical realism. This is what practical theology does best, and Don Browning is better at it than most."
"Browning's work bears powerful testimony to the value of the Christian tradition's insights on the family, and introduces these insights in a way that expands our public discourse rather than narrowing it."
"No one in the field of practical theology is more attentive to issues of methods than Don Browning. . . This book is essential for practical theologians who desire a provocative conversation about method and family. In particular, the book is exquisite in noting that it is not only the method one brings to the discourse that is important, but also the interpretation of resources that determine the outcome of any normative vision of the family."