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POD; Published: 10/15/2007
ISBN: 978-0-8028-0771-7
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191 Pages
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Because of their faith in the crucified Messiah, the Christian nations are indebted to Israel. Yet they have largely marginalized and even rejected God's chosen people. In this volume Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger reflects on a number of subjects and concerns common to both Christians and Jews -- the Ten Commandments, fulfillment of biblical prophecy, Christian anti-Semitism, and more.

As a Jewish-born Roman Catholic priest, Cardinal Lustiger has a unique viewpoint. He became Archbishop of Paris and a cardinal while remaining keenly aware of his indelible Jewish identity and of the vital Jewish roots of Christianity. Aware that his reflections may be controversial -- possibly offending Jewish and Christian readers alike -- he nonetheless boldly shares his perspectives in The Promise, hoping that readers will see him as speaking and writing in good faith, in the service of the Word of God given for the happiness and salvation of all.

George Weigel
— Author of Witness to Hope
"A man of acute and sympathetic intelligence, a wise pastor, and a wonderful human being, Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger, with his faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jesus, helped reopen avenues of theological dialogue between Christians and Jews that had been closed for centuries. This important book will help extend that conversation far into the future."
Francis Cardinal George, OMI
— Archbishop of Chicago
"The Promise book brings together reflections by Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger on identity and relationships among Jews, Christians, and 'pagans.' It evokes hope in the heart and repeats promises that only God can bring to fulfillment. The collected pieces in the book now become Cardinal Lustiger's testament and allow his voice to continue to be heard by all who believe that the destiny of the world is bound up with God's sometimes enigmatic choice of both Jews and Christians."
Eugene J. Fisher
— U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops
"This absorbing and challenging book is a spiritual and theological page-turner! It will enrich the understanding of Christians about Jews and Judaism, and provoke Jews to rethink old assumptions about the relationship of the Jewish people to Christianity. Necessary reading for priests, rabbis, teachers, and the folks who make up their congregations. Perfect for discussion by dialogue groups."