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Romans & Thessalonians
POD; Published: 11/6/1995
ISBN: 978-0-8028-0808-0
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439 Pages
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This volume is one of twelve classic commentaries by John Calvin, theologian par excellence of the Reformation, whose expositions of Scripture remain as relevant as ever. Edited by David W. Torrance and Thomas F. Torrance, these twelve commentaries on the New Testament bring Calvin's authoritative voice to life in clear contemporary English. The translations all strive to retain the close coherence of Calvin's ideas and characteristic images while remaining faithful to the Latin text — doing full justice to the Reformer's qualities as one of history's finest expositors of the Word of God.
Jaroslav Pelikan
"I have long been convinced that we must begin to take the Reformers at their word and to read them as they wanted to be read, namely, as expositors of Sacred Scripture."
Paul T. Fuhrmann
"How many writers today can penetrate, grasp, unfold, and apply the inner spirit of the Scriptures to our lives as Calvin did? We have no indication that Calvin's commentaries have been or are being surpassed in excellence; and to them we still must go for the best that historical Protestantism offers."